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Apr 15, 2014

untitled song

They smile, you smile but you don’t know what’s real.

They fool everyone with their sweet words, Oh dear

They were so cool but now it’s gone.

It was just a lie God I’m so dumb

I wish I was smarter, clever, listened to the people who knew better

but I can’t hear the truth cause I don’t wanna believe they’re liars.

Believe they’re human, believe they’re normal, believe they’re just like us, believe they’re people.

I can’t let go I can’t live without a hero. No matter what they say I’d just follow.

Sweet words are my lullabies, not trying to know if they are lies.

Who cares anyway it’s my own life, I’m the only one involved in that,

I wish they’d trust me but I’m asking too much apparently

I wish that could end so I’d stop feeling so lonely.


Why is it so hard to admit?

I feel like I would disappointed myself if I do it

There must be a way that lead to happiness, otherwise why am I still there

I put too much effort in it, I thought it was leading somewhere

I was full of hope but now it’s all gone,

I feel so empty I don’t want to give that up

No, I don’t wanna give up…

Apr 12, 2014

Did you ever hate someone so much that you wish that person was dead

Apr 12, 2014

Everything about this person is ugly.

Apr 6, 2014

Dream job! ❤️ on We Heart It.
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Dream job! ❤️ on We Heart It.

Wish I had this #2NE1 #dvd
Mar 30, 2014

Wish I had this #2NE1 #dvd

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Does anybody know a good Jonas fanfic?

Mar 29, 2014


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Mar 25, 2014